Passion photographing Water

Stories while taking photographs related to Water images during the last 40 years.

Gonzalo Contreras del Solar
2 min readMar 28, 2021

I am starting writing at Medium transferring the stories of my passion photographing Water that I did for some time now on my web page, where I wrote as diary the situations happening when releasing the shutter bottom.


Since 1977 I take photographs of Water in all its forms. From ice to clouds, using 6x6 film, as well as digital cameras. Passed through the analog darkroom and converged both types of images in the digital darkroom, called Photoshop. Finally, I am sharing them digitally thorough Internet and materializing on paper in large print sizes.

Frozen ice on a branch, grey and light purple background
5203–1_2 — Chipinque — México ++ Frozen water after a winter night storm.


As a starting point, although I had followed unconsciously the path to water on my visions, it was in 1977 where my passion photographing water truly began.

This is one of my initial photographs that I have the negatives to reproduce them. It clearly has the Water imprint which I took it in Mexico.

I was studding at the ITSEM university in Monterrey, and it was a cold 1980 December day.

Some friends told us that we should visit a place called Chipinque. It was located at the “Sierra Madre” mountain range that can be seen from the city. This mountain range has an iconic letter M-shaped peak, called Cerro de la M.

While driving back on a road curve I saw the frozen snow on this branch. At that time I had no clue on photography techniques like the relationship between light, aperture, speed and ISO (called ASA at that time). I was using an Yashica camera with a 50mm lenses on Automatic, did not have a tripod and made the image handheld.

It was captured in color negative film. A local laboratory developed and printed my rolls of film, the first image was a small post card size. Many years would pass until I found the negative and rescanned it at high resolution, which allowed me to do a large print.

Lens 50mm + Sky filter
Kodacolor 100 ASA film
Aperture 1.8
GPS 25.608686, -100.352578



Gonzalo Contreras del Solar

Passionate photographer portraying Water since 1977. Sharing his stories while capturing the vital element on film & digital.